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Presentations -

David W Marks QC
Tax Ethics Scenarios

Some topical
scenarios, in the tax
context, but of broad application.
Bar Association of Queensland
11 December 2018
Tax Treaties - How to read them

A fun
Paper with worked example
based on an old treaty in a hard

See also
The Tax Institute, Victorian 6th Annual
Tax Forum

Melbourne 11-12 October 2018

Corrected  & reduced version
submitted for publication.
Revenue Authority's general power of
administration -

"Not my money to give away"

Paper & Powerpoint
The Tax Institute, 'States' Taxation
Conference 2018' -

Melbourne 26-27 July 2018
Liquidator of a Corporate Trustee -
An Australia Perspective

Paper & Powerpoint
Society of Trust and Estate
Practitioners (STEP), NZ Conference -
Auckland, 21-22 June 2018
What to leave out of trust deeds- a
provocative paper which is a work in
First presented for The Tax Institute in
Adelaide on 07.03.18
Exchange of tax information under
DTAs: NZ case has wide import:

This article was first published by
Thomson Reuters (Professional)
Australia Limited in the “Weekly Tax
Bulletin” 2018 WTB 3 [68], 19 January
Proceeding in Certainty - Tax Rulings

presentation and paper
Australian Institute of Administrative
Law (AIAL)

2017 National Conference, Canberra
Exchange of tax information: a growth
area, but litigation is increasing

This article was first published by
Thomson Reuters (Professional)
Australia Limited in the “Weekly Tax
Bulletin” 2017 WTB 10 [299], 28
February 2017
Debt Collection - Commissioner's
New Toys
Presentation and Paper
TEN, 2015 GST Symposium
Part IVA - How's your Postulate
Presentation and Paper
The Tax Institute, 2014 National
Professional Practice Structures
Presentation and Paper
The Tax Institute 2014 Private
Business Tax Retreat
Partnerships of Discretionary Trusts:
Presentation and Paper
TEN 2nd Annual Trusts and
Companies Symposium
Caught in a Bind (The private ruling
system explained as at 1998)
published in "Taxation in Australia"
Professional Negligence: Contribution
and Contributory Negligence
published in "University of
Queensland Law Journal" volume 15
Honours Thesis - BCom (Hons) UQ,
1988 - see
Unpublished - but available via link to
UQ library
Liability limited by a scheme approved under
professional standards legislation.