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My email address is only supplied for convenience, once a
retainer is established by other means.
Contact me
Contact arrangements at present:

Barristers are still working.

Queensland Courts are still operating (subject
to normal vacations).

I suggest an initial mobile call, at the


David W Marks QC
Level 16, Inns of Court
107 North Quay
Brisbane Qld 4000

t: +61 7 3236 5477

m: +61 414 452 073

Skype: +61 7 3040 8642 or

secretary: +61 7 3211 2287

Instructing me

I accept instructions from lawyers.  

Also, I accept instructions for opinion
briefs from accountants who are members
of the major professional associations.

I do not accept direct instructions from the
general public.
Your solicitor or other
professional adviser can help you decide
whether you need a barrister. They will
then instruct me, or another barrister, as

You sending me a message does not,
without more, establish a retainer. A
retainer is only established with me after I
have worked out if I can act, communicated
with you about establishing a retainer, and
we agree a retainer. Since I am a sole
practitioner, there are periods when email
and my phones can go unmonitored (eg in
court, when travelling, weekends, etc). In
case of non-response, please call my
secretary during office hours to establish

Liability limited by a scheme approved
under professional standards legislation.